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Our Quality and attention to detail is second only to the original design from which it was inspired. Each piece has been carefully selected with particular attention given to the proper weight and clarity of stones. Additionally, every piece is guaranteed not to tarnish or fade and will be Glitzy & Glamorous for years to come!


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Turquoise Necklace with Rhinestone Cross Pendant
SKU: 425419-108 
Beige and green marbleized pendant  w/ beaded necklace
SKU: 738312-40
Silver Cross in ornate rectangle pendant
SKU: 41826-305
Silver and Rhinestone cross pendant
SKU: 71610-293

Designer Inspired Cross Necklace N:18" EXT:3" P:1.75" - Two Tone


SKU: VIC-079892661150-21288



“OMEGA” Cross w/ Coral Chips on 16” Coral necklace w/ sterling Hook & Eye closure.


SKU: MR-1831



California” Cross w/ Turquoise Chips on 16” Black Leather necklace w/ Lobster Claw Closure.


SKU: MR-1874



Dream Girl” Cross w/ Amber & Lime Swarovski Crystals on 16” Turquoise Chip Necklace


SKU: MR-1804




“GOYA” Cross with clear Swarovski Crystals on Black Leather w/ Lobster Claw Closure.


SKU: MR-1863


“ISABELLA” Tiny Cross w/ Turquoise Bead on 16” Black Leather Necklace.


SKU: MR-1868


“JESTER” Large Cross w/ multicolored Swarovski Crystals on 16” Black Leather


SKU: MR-1803


“STARRY NIGHT” Small Cross w/ Swarovski Crystals on Combination 16” Black Leather & Crystal necklace


SKU: MR-1857



“TEXAS II” Pendant inlayed w/ Turquoise chips on 16” Black Leather necklace with Lobster Claw Closure.


SKU: MR-1859


“TWINKLE TWINKLE” Cross w/ Clear Swarovski Crystals on 16” Black Leather & Brown Crystal Bead necklace


SKU: MR-1859


“BONZ SMALL” Small paint finish Scull & Crossbones w/ hat on 16” Black Leather necklace.


SKU: MR-1806


“SPECTACULAR” Cross w/ Swarovski Crystals on 16” Black Leather necklace w/ Lobster Claw Closure.


SKU: MR-1862



“PARIS” Fleur de Lis on 16” Tea-stained freshwater pearl necklace.


SKU: MR-1810


“PARIS LIGHTS” Fleur De Lis w/ small Charm on 16” Tea-stained Freshwater Pearl Necklace


SKU: MR-1807


“PRINCESS” Cross w/ clear Swarovski crystals on 16” Three-Strand Turquoise Necklace.


SKU: MR-1817


“SQUARE OFF” Large Cross inlayed w/ Turquoise chips on 16” Black Leather necklace.


SKU: MR-1876


“SANTA CLARA” Cross w/ Swarovski Crystals & Turquoise on 16” Turquoise bead necklace.


SKU: MR-1828


Necklace Sets

Designer Inspired Half Moon Shape Hanging Necklace Set  N:16" EXT:2" E:1" Clip-On Earrings. Silver

SKU: VIC-195480390875-21221



Designer Inspired Round Pendant Necklace Set  N:18" E:1.5"L  P:2" 


SKU: VIC-601359000550-21584



Pink square CZ pendant necklace set. Necklace 15.5"L Pendant stone 0.5"W x 0.5"L Earring stone 0.5"W x 0.5"L

SKU: VIC-675013802475-141604160



Designer Inspired Silver Fleur De Lis Necklace and Earrings Set

N:18"L P:2"L X 1.25"L E:1"L


SKU: VIC-610968000675-22335



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